shoutout to my friend's older sister for corrupting me with most of this
  1. WELCOME TO THE DOLLHOUSE (and Todd Solondz in general)
    Can't say my life was anything like Dawn Wiener's but it was pretty monumental for me to see a story about someone my age with very recognizable problems that don't get fixed in 90 minutes
  2. 2003-2007 VH1
    Still using this trivia on the daily. I was so obsessed with VH1s "I Love the 70s/80s/90s" series that on a 6th grade first day of class survey I said my favorite actors were Rachael Harris and Michael Ian Black. And I bought three stuffed Monchichis at a flea market in Vermont
  3. Le Tigre, The Dresden Dolls, Xiu Xiu, Peaches
    Introduced me to feminism at an age when feminism was not considered cool at all. Taught me that music can be politically confrontational AND sonically adventurous AND a blast to listen to
  4. South Park
    Words I had never heard before watching South Park too young (mostly the summer before 5th grade): abortion, dildo, condom, slut, AIDS, bris, stem cell, veal, hermaphrodite, gerbilling, Barbra Streisand. There are probably dozens more, much to my parents' chagrin
  5. Anime
    Right now the most lasting benefit of this very expensive obsession is that everything I'm learning about new technology reminds me of CHOBITS (see right)