Middle school through college. Some of these are mean, and most I can't take credit for myself.
  1. Twizla
    once wore all red
  2. Big & Beefy
  3. Jumanji
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    had facial hair kinda like this
  4. Star Boy
  5. Knitting Girl
  6. Bathroom Girl
    like a blonde Moaning Myrtle who just glared at you and reapplied her makeup
  7. Scooter Girl
  8. You'll Do
    looked juuust enough like @Joey 's ex
  9. Handsome Joey
  10. Pretty Sarah
  11. Hot Rachel
  12. Sexy Kwame
  13. Sally Slant
    allegedly had a "slanted" vagina
  14. Douchbag Dan
  15. Creepy Alex
  16. Quiet Alex
  17. Benny Chu
    his real name was Jake, but the girl he was secretly hooking up with always referred to him as Benny Chu so his teammates wouldn't overhear her talking about him
  18. DOD
    publicly received Dome On the Dancefloor
  19. Winky
    looked like Dobby's GF
  20. Portland
  21. PQ
    girl on our hall freshman year who was prom queen in high school
  22. Muscle Man
  23. Burgundy Sweater Guy
    it took us several years to learn he wasn't dating Muscle Man
  24. Smiley
  25. Sadrew
    sad-looking version of a kid named Andrew
  26. Clunky
    always wore loud boots
  27. Lounge Girl
  28. The Littlest Freshman