limited myself to one per show because there are literally dozens of Idol/ANTM contestants who qualify
  1. Michelle, America's Next Top Model (cycle 4)
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    Developed impetigo while on the show. Didn't really fit in with the other girls, or seem to enjoy being on a reality show. Briefly married Jonny Fairplay, one of my least favorite Survivor contestants.
  2. Mitchell, Project Runway (season 6)
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    Deservedly Bottom 2'd his first two weeks on the season. Couldn't really sew, and really shouldn't have been cast, but sweet as can be. Mercy killed after the third challenge despite his team's winning look.
  3. Syesha Mercado, American Idol (season 7)
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    Chronic over-smiler, but super talented and desperate to survive, barely scraping by every week. The judges didn't give her the credit she deserved for her voice, and once she (somehow) made her way to the final 3, the producers sabotaged her by making her sing "Hit Me Up" from the Happy Feet soundtrack.
  4. Katie Waissel, The X Factor UK (season 7)
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    By no means the most talented act her season (the One Direction season), but probably the most thirsty to entertain. Still, a bottom 2 fixture until the top 7. Once ended a nervous, shaky elimination night cover of a song called "Don't Give Up On Me" on the floor, pleading for the judges to keep her. Plus she got heaps of bad press while she was on the show for lasting longer than more popular contestants.
  5. Cara Maria, MTV's The Challenge
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    Has appeared on 7 seasons and until recently was probably the most consistently ostracized by the other contestants. I never could figure out why they hated her, or why she kept coming back when they'd always make her cry in the end.
  6. Thing 1, Flavor of Love (season 3)
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    Flav clearly preferred Thing 2