1. "Grease" from GREASE
    Keep in mind I was in 4th grade and had yet to see/fall in love with GREASE when Clay Aiken sang this on Movie Soundtracks night
  2. "I Fall to Pieces" - Patsy Cline
    HUGE Patsy fan now, and probably would have been more annoyed with Lilly Scott's baby-voiced season 9 rendition if I had known the orig at the time
  3. "More Today Than Yesterday" - Spiral Starecase
    Spiral Starecase only released one album but it's secretly perfect (including their "Proud Mary" cover). Also I remember it was Alaina Whitaker's birthday when she sang this and I was so relieved when she made it through
  4. "You Belong with Me" - Taylor Swift
    This poor girl Stevie Wright sang this banger a few months before Taylor released it as a single. She missed every note.
  5. "If You Leave Me Now" - Chicago
    If I could sing falsetto at all this is what I'd sing at karaoke, no question. Alexandrea Lushington, the best named Idol contestant ever, was unfairly eliminated the week she sang this
  6. "Because the Night" - Patti Smith
    Props to Becky O'Donahue for being the only Idol contestant to this day to sing a Patti Smith song in the live rounds, but this was trashhh. I'm reminded of her performance every time this song comes up on EASTER, which is kind of bittersweet
  7. "Where the Boys Are" - Connie Francis
    95% sure Amy Davis was an extra at Andy and April's wedding on Parks and Rec and I'm the only one who remembered her from the time she crumbled under the weight of this song on Idol
  8. "Master Blaster (Jammin')" - Stevie Wonder
    This is a case where I feel like everyone else already knew this song and just neglected to play it for me. So thank you, DeAndre Brackensick!