My Top Vacation Spots

I haven't traveled a lot, but these are my favorite places to visit.
  1. Walt Disney World
    I took this picture in August when I traveled there with @ripnclebass. I've been to Disney well over 50 times and it is my favorite place on Earth.
  2. Lake George, NY
    Lake George is my favorite Summer vacation. I've gone there almost every year since I was born and I'm glad my wife now loves it as much as I do.
  3. Bermuda
    I've been to Bermuda twice. The beaches are second to none.
  4. Punta Cana, Dominican Republic
    My wife and I went on our honeymoon to Secrets Punta Cana. It was one of the best trips of my life.
  5. Long Neck, Delaware
    My family has had vacation homes in this town since the 1980s. I love to go down to fish, crab, swim, and enjoy the nightlife in Dewey.
  6. Las Vegas, Nevada
    I went to Vegas when I was 21 and had an absolute blast. I love to play poker, bet on sports, and enjoy the beautiful hotels.
  7. Boston, Massachusetts
    As a Red Sox fan, I love to visit Boston. Not only are the Red Sox there, but some of my favorite breweries are also located in the city or nearby.
  8. The Outer Banks
    I started going to the Outer Banks when I met my wife, as her family has gone there for many years. While I am not a huge fan of American beaches, I really love it down there.