1. Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind
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    Clem's vulnerability scene
  2. Inglorious Basterds
    The opening scene
  3. Ratatouille
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    Anton Ego's review
  4. Rachel Getting Married
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    The bathtub scene
  5. Sicario
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    The border crossing scene
  6. Whiplash
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    The "not quite my tempo" scene
  7. Me and Earl and the Dying Girl
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    The hospital scene
  8. Before Sunset
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    The restraint scene
  9. The Martian
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    The tarp rocket scene
  10. Trainwreck
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    John Cena's scene
  11. The Big Short
    The jenga scene
  12. Inside Out
    The confession scene
  13. Get Out
    The choke/siren scene