During my daily commute and when in the gym or walking around town, I usually have my ear buds in and a podcast on. These are the ones I'm subscribed to now, in no particular order. Some presented without comment
  1. Channel 33
  2. The Bill Simmons Podcast
  3. The Starters. I only listen to the weekly drop nowadays. The TV show does not translate well to podcast, and it shouldn't.
  4. Re/Code Decode
  5. WMMR's Preston and Steve. Philly morning radio show. I've been listening since elementary school, so I'll probably never let go.
  6. Behind the Bets with Chad Millman. I only listen to the weekly CFB episode
  7. WTF with Marc Maron. I usually only listen to the comedians or actors. I rarely listen to the episodes with musicians.
  8. The Champs. There hasn't been a new episode in awhile, but I love the show so why unsubscribe?
  9. Planet Money
  10. Motley Fool Answers
  11. What's the Point
  12. Podcast for America
  13. Serial. Season 2 needs to start soon!