1. Justin Beiber
    NO. It's i before e. He needs to let Selena go but you need to spell his name correctly.
  2. Katie Perry
    Oh my God. Do you think someone named Katie Perry would be famous
  3. Cara Delevinge
    I get that it's a ~hard~ name to pronounce, but at least spell it right DELEVINGNE
  4. Rhianna
    We can't be friends if you do this
  5. Kristen Wig
    Because Wiig is just too difficult
  6. Hilary Clinton
    Ok, the next President of the United States is HiLLary Clinton
  7. Hillary Duff
    This HiLary is iconic in her own, one-L kind of way.
  8. Gwenyth Paltrow
    Respect the GOOP. Y before e, plebes
  9. Lana Del Ray
    While her music can sting, Lana is not a manta ray. REY REY REY REY REY REY
  10. Kelsey Grammar
    Oh, the irony
  11. Amy Pohler
    Just get out