My Afternoon With Matisse

Because I live in OKC, I have been #blessed with the special exhibit "Matisse in His Time" at the Oklahoma City Museum of Art. The exhibit features works from the Centre Georges Pompidou in France and contextualizes Matisse among peers such as Picasso, Marquet, and Manguin.
  1. Still Life with Chocolate Pot
    Henri Matisse, 1900-02
  2. Seashore at Collioure
    Henri Matisse, 1905
  3. The Hills at Rueil
    Maurice de Vlaminck, 1906
  4. Self-Portrait
    Henri Matisse, 1900
  5. Reclining Nude I
    Henri Matisse, 1907
  6. White and Pink Head
    Henri Matisse, 1914
  7. Portrait of Baroness Gourgaud
    Henri Matisse, 1924
  8. Henriette I
    Henri Matisse, 1925/1965
  9. Laurette's Head with a Coffee Cup
    Henri Matisse, 1917
  10. Gertrude Stein
    Jacques Lipchitz, 1920
  11. Nude in a Turkish Hat
    Pablo Picasso, 1955
  12. The Algerian Woman
    Henri Matisse, 1909
  13. The Dream
    Henri Matisse, 1935
  14. "Jazz" cutouts
    Henri Matisse, 1947
  15. Icarus
  16. The Sheaf
  17. Toboggan
  18. close up
  19. some more
  20. Oceania
    Henri Matisse, 1946
  21. Oceania close up
    cute lil shark?
  22. As you can see from my soft smile, I loved the exhibit. [Note the Dale Chihuly in the background.]
  23. Overall, this exhibit is a great opportunity for art lovers and for OKCMOA!
  24. You should check it out. Exhibit runs through September 18.
  25. "There are always flowers for those who want to see them." -Henri Matisse