I am available for consultations, Taylor. I respect your artistic vision but here are some alternatives for when time travel is perfected.
  1. Love Story
    A loose re-interpretation of Baz Luhrmann's "Romeo + Juliet," slightly-toned down for a more PG audience.
  2. You Belong With Me
    Behind-the-scenes documentary from when Taylor took that rando to his prom. This would later be scrubbed from the Internet when she got ~famous~ big time.
  3. Mine
    Same as the existing video, but with fewer filters and without the pictures on strings in the forest.
  4. We Are Never Ever Getting Back Together
    Taylor is in a phone booth and she has HAD IT with the boy in question. Sort of a play on Super (Wo)Man and she flies out of the booth and up into the sky.
  5. Mean
    Begins as a segment of "Celebrities Read Mean Tweets" but devolves into a music video. Ends as an anti-cyberbullying PSA.
  6. I Knew You Were Trouble
    Just update with videos from Taylor at Coachella.
  7. 22
    The same but there's one small clip where Taylor's drinking from a bottle that ~could~ be (root) beer.
  8. Red
    VERY LITERAL. Taylor drives a Maserati down a dead-end street, does a crossword with no answers, etc. Same literality applied to color palette.
  9. Shake It Off
    A mob of people dancing; Taylor is revealed to be ONE OF THEM at the end. Becomes a "Where's Waldo" meme.
  10. Blank Space
    The existing video is 💯 but I have some other ideas. Taylor has a very long scroll and quill pen, writing on a list throughout the video. Would like to see her on a yacht at some point. Would keep the bit of her attacking an Aston Martin with a golf club, standing on top of a horse, etc.
  11. Style
    We have two options here: stitched together footage of Harry Styles OR digitally splicing Taylor into old movies with James Dean. Maybe some hybrid of both.
  12. Bad Blood
    I would insist on more explicit allusions to Katy Perry. Sponsored by Band-Aid.
  13. Wildest Dreams
    Begins with a stethoscope on Taylor's heartbeat. She is being treated for heartbreak. We zoom into her eyes; fade into dream sequence. Taylor leaves the crowds of NYC for lonely beach mansion with a man WHO IS ALWAYS SHROUDED IN SHADOW. We end with her and the stethoscope.
  14. Out of the Woods
    Taylor dancing with Harry Styles analogue in a house. Scary trees visible through the window. Taylor flees into the night and runs through a forest of trees planted in straight lines.
  15. New Romantics
    Begins with 1989 Taylor on the back of a vinyl record, which someone (the modern-day Taylor) puts on. We are transported to a land of pastel pink and green. Loose approximation of the lyrics transpires. Ends with Taylor smilingly coyly at the camera, her face partially pictured like the 1989 cover.