Things I'm Still Learning AKA The Ian Project

Personal growth is exciting and scary and fun
  1. Self-awareness
    It takes me forever to become aware of how my thought patterns and habits affect myself and others. I'm trying to engage myself in a more honest, compassionate, and regular way.
  2. Writing is a process
    I have wanted, since 4th grade, to be a writer. Nearly a decade later, I'm learning that if I call myself a writer, I need to actually WRITE. Daily. Transferring things from your mind to the page is unbearably hard and incredibly beautiful.
  3. Self-care is necessary
    Flossing. Oil pulling. Making breakfast. Taking walks. Reading. Using weird programs to limit the amount of blue light on your screen at night. All these things make me better.
  4. If something takes 2 minutes to do - do it now
    Seriously, I'm such a big procrastinator. But, according to Elizabeth Gilbert, all procrastination is fear. I don't want to unload the dishwasher, but I'd rather do it now and get it over with. Hey look, it's done!
  5. You are the captain of your own ship
    You can make yourself write for an hour. You can get out of your comfort zone. It is possible.
  6. Time is weird
    Two days a week, I have virtually nothing to do. I LOVE IT. Being an introvert, I need alone time to re-calibrate. I can sleep in, take a shower, watch TV, do chores... At my own pace. No need to rush. Finding time for yourself is crucial!
  7. Deep breaths help with just about everything
    My old gymnastics coach used to tell me that the reason I didn't execute a move properly was because I forgot to breathe. I "forget to breathe" all the time. I need to be conscious of this most unconscious act.
  8. Social media is...
    Not the measuring stick I want to live my life against. And yet, all too often, I do. Notifications release endorphins. But being a person who determines their own self-worth is a much better feeling.
  9. Sometimes, coffee is better with cream
    I love my black coffee but sometimes you just gotta switch it up.