5 TV Shows Airing Right Now That I Really Like

  1. Master of None (Netflix)
    A smart and romantic look at dating, race, and adulthood. Overflowing with empathy and understanding for all of its characters (seriously, even a subway masturbator gets a moment of compassion). Aziz and Noël Wells are incredible.
  2. Crazy Ex-Girlfriend (The CW)
    Weird and wonderful musical (!!!) comedy about obsession, mental health, and West Covina. The songs are dark, clever pop satire.
  3. You're the Worst (FXX)
    Hilarious, mean, secretly sweet rom-com about two broken, sad people doing their best not to succumb to normalcy.
  4. The Leftovers (HBO)
    Perfectly detailed drama about grief and how people cope with loss. Every episode works as a rich character study. A mystery show about the unexplainable.
  5. Nathan for You (Comedy Central)
    Nathan Fielder's full-on bananas comedy experiment: part-reality show parody, part-elaborate prank, part-performance art.