Last night, in honour of Oct 21st 2015, I watched Back to the Future II 🚓💨
  1. Taxi cabs? It should be "watch out for that Uber!"
  2. Thankfully there is no Jaws 19
  3. Pepsi Perfect is Pepsi Next. We care about sugar in the future ( present )
  4. Kids still have scooters. Not hover boards. But they look a lot like 90s scooters.
  5. Book covers have not improved. They should though.
  6. There are female police officers. Good work. But they seem to all be models.
  7. That cab cost $174.50. Again, They should be using Uber.
  8. Hydration pizza... At some point we stopped trying to make things faster and started eating real food.
  9. Wearing 2 ties is dumb. Let's never do that.
  10. No. We didn't just add more fax machines to our homes. That's not an advance.
  11. Miami is not in the MLB finals... But the Cubs actually are...