15 Pictures from: Oregon

Some things I saw this week in a beautiful state
  1. Mt Adams and Mt Rainier
    On the HHOOD3 arrival to PDX (Portland)
  2. Bob's Burgers-themed donut at Voodoo Donuts in Portland
  3. Early morning at PDX
    Before departing to AST (Astoria). Mt Hood in the distance
  4. The Astoria-Megler Bridge
    Our hotel was beside this impressive bridge that crosses the Columbia River into Washington.
  5. Old wooden pillars, ships on the Columbia
  6. Astoria Garage dog
    Guarding an admittedly boss Monte Carlo SS
  7. Fried Oysters + Cheese Curds
    Buoy Beer Co in Astoria
  8. A-M Bridge at Dusk
  9. Jerri-Lee
    The airport dog at ONP (Newport)
  10. Bachelor's Row - Newport Marina
    Male California Sea Lions causing a ruckus before they head south to make some CSL pups
  11. Foggy Morning - Newport Marina
    Broke long enough for us to get in on the approach, then socked back in
  12. Lighthouse at Yaquina Head Outstanding Natural Area
    That is literally what this place is called. Great marketing, accurate description.
  13. View from Yaquina Head
    From this vantage we saw hundreds of Murre, several Bald Eagles, and whales breaching just beyond the rocks
  14. Tide Pools at Yaquina Head
    Sea Stars, Anemone, California Mussels, driftwood, cool rocks
  15. Wilamette River, Corvallis