My Favorite Airports

My favorite places to land, and why
  1. BFI - Boeing Field/King County International, Seattle, WA
    If the stars align, you'll turn base around the Space Needle, cruise past downtown Seattle, and land on runway 13R with Mt. Rainier looming large to the south. Bonus if you get to taxi past all the interesting aircraft on the Boeing ramp
  2. CRT - Z.M. Jack Stell Field, Crossett, AR
    This airport has what you need to land a jet - a thin strip of asphalt - and not much else. Putting down on a 75 foot wide runway with a 60 foot wingspan feels a little like landing on a two lane road. Not much to do, but it's pretty country, and always quiet and peaceful.
  3. MDW - Chicago Midway International, Chicago, IL
    There's something about flying into airports that have been dropped in the middle of large cities. Midway is about the size of a postage stamp, located just to the southwest of downtown Chicago. When landing to the southwest, you can get pretty close to the skyline, making for an incredible view
  4. 40J - Perry Foley Airport, Perry, FL
    Nothing special about this small panhandle airport, or the approach to it - but they have Lulu, the world's greatest airport dog.
  5. FTY - Fulton County Airport/Charlie Brown Field, Atlanta, GA
    When we land here, we know we're home! Other than being the mothership, Fulton County is a fun, busy airport full of the bulk of Atlanta's corporate flight departments. Just 10 miles northwest of Atlanta Hartsfield International, it sits in some of the busiest airspace in the country.