1. My 10th birthday was "The Dog" themed. Not dogs. The Dog. That weird brand that literally was photos of puppies with their heads enlarged.
  2. I had at least 4 bowling parties and they were always pirate themed because bowling pirates were very popular in the 1600s.
  3. My 9th birthday party was held at a park. It rained. I hit my cousin with a stick I found while she was swinging. She started bleeding. Not my best birthday. Not my worst.
  4. One birthday was Harry Potter themed. My parents surprised me with a Harry Potter outfit to wear the day of. I didn't want to but didn't want to hurt their feelings, so...
  5. My mom would make up games for our birthday parties very often. Once, at my brothers dog themed party, she made all the kids taste test cookies versus dog biscuits. She deemed it a game, but I think that was a bit of a generous way to categorize that activity.
  6. At the same party as above, she made us all dog collars and gave us classic dog names such as Clancy and Fabio.