A continual work in progress.
  1. Coconut oil
  2. Take care of your knees. Use Knee Savers in softball. I know they're uncomfortable and you hate them but they'll help.
  3. Use powder to fill in your eyebrows, not makeup pencil. It looks more natural.
  4. Nip your habit of procrastinating in the bud. College is not like high school. You need to try.
  5. All that money you spend on skin care products will do nothing. Change your diet. Cut out gluten, most sugars and processed crap. You'll thank me later.
  6. Listen to dad's advice about being fiscally responsible. Roll your eyes, but listen.
  7. Don't think your sexuality makes you a freak or wrong. You're not. You're entitled to love who you love.
  8. On that note, never apologize for your feelings.
  9. Call your grandparents in Michigan more.
  10. Spend as much time with family as you can. I know they're tedious at times, but any of them would take a bullet for you. And they won't be around forever. Dynamics change.
  11. Be nicer to Davis. He's more sensitive than you are.
  12. For the love of god stop reinforcing Charlie's barking with food rewards.
  13. Buy those tickets to the Beyoncé concert in 2013.
  14. Enjoy every moment of high school. Even the bad ones. It goes by way too fast.
  15. Stop berating yourself for how you dealt with second semester freshman year of college. There's no handbook on how to cope with heartbreak. You did your best. You did all you could do. You're still here.
  16. Your parents will always have the best advice. Always.
  17. Be grateful for the people and things that change you. They may bend and break you, but often times into a better shape.