1. At least 129 died in a coordinated series of attacks
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    The terrorists targeted a soccer stadium, a restaurant, and killed at least 100 hostages in a concert hall. http://bit.ly/1lrvjmv
  2. ISIS had been threatening France for a while
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    The French prime minister said he knew the events were being planned, and that more are in the planning stage in Paris and around Europe. http://bit.ly/1HTGIjA
  3. The attacks have sparked a larger war on ISIS
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    Countries are upping the ante on their defense against the Islamic State. That means a more violent war and an approach to negotiating peace in Syria http://bit.ly/1HTGZ67
  4. France isn't alone in the fight against ISIS
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    The U.S.-led coalition fighting ISIS includes France, Canada, the U.K., Saudi Arabia, Turkey, Australia, Jordan, and more. http://bit.ly/1HTHsoO
  5. Muslims are already suffering Islamophobic backlashes
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    The assumption that ISIS represents the Muslim faith is completely false. Muslims and allies are reasserting that their religion does not condone violence and does not support ISIS. http://bit.ly/1HTI1z0