so I'm sitting in stats class thinking about a conversation I had earlier in the week and came up with a great experiment idea. This may have already been done, if not it should be...
  1. Body size compared to dick size
    yes I'm serious, don't act like you're not interested
  2. Dick measurements
    length and girth of course. other options are available as well-ball size, meatus width, etc. You can measure a lot of things on a dick
  3. Body measurements
    of course height and build. but also hand and foot size- length and width. Can be even more specific with these. Finger to palm ratio, etc.
  4. Correlations
    does height automatically mean bigger? Do bigger hands mean larger girth? Bigger feet longer? lots of relationships possible
  5. Other factors
    ethnicity? genetics? childhood environment/diet/etc? birth weight/gestation time? there's honestly so much you could do a different study every month for the rest of your life. I think most of these a secondary studies, if there's an apparent trend towards, say ethnicity then there can be further treatments based on that. I don't want to create variables that don't actually exist
  6. Circumcised v. Not
    obviously not the biggest factor genetically but since this is a huge variable it should be considered to at least account for the difference. can do treatments of both or restrict your study to one or the other.
  7. More to come
    as I said this is a quick in class brainstorm. I have a feeling I'll be coming up with a better experiment design over time.
  8. Who wants to fund me?
    this is important research.