I Have A Lot Of Feelings About The Oscars

Literally the event I wait for all year. They mostly called it right this year and I was v surprised (kill em Mad Max) but there's still a couple things we need to talk avout
  1. Mark Ruffalo should've won for supporting actor
  2. I'm very happy Leo won
    BUT I don't think he should have. Yes he deserves an Oscar, but not for The Revenant. Matt Damon should have taken it for The Martian. The Revenant was three hours of DiCaprio crawling around grunting. His body of work is outstanding and he's been snubbed in the past but I feel like he only won this year because of the social scene pushing for it not because of his performance and that for me lessens his win. His speech was dope though.
  3. I didn't like The Revenant that much at all actually
    I don't know if it had just been talked up so much that it fell short or what but I was highly unimpressed. Tom Hardy was great and deserved his nomination, and I guess I can admit to myself that the cinematography win was the right call but that's about it
  4. Also Sam Smith over Lady Gaga?
    also The Weeknd song being nominated from 50 Shades instead of Ellie?
  5. Also I cried literally through the whole thing
    I'm a mess. Did you see that rock, paper, scissors commercial?