I Looked So Cute Yesterday

and today I'm a troll so we're gonna appreciate yesterday me
  1. I had planned a really cute outfit to wear to work but it was a skirt and I woke up to it snowing so I had to come up with something else
  2. It worked out unexpectedly well
  3. taking selfies at work bc it was so slow
  4. honestly cute af with this stupid filter look @ that blush
  5. people kept telling me i looked like a spice girl and it was honestly the best day of my life
  6. I wish I took more pictures bc I was 🔥🔥🔥 but I worked all day
  7. But I did end up going out after work for this boy who's been being a dick to me's birthday and flirted with his friend all night to make him jealous
    I don't care if that's mean, if you knew the whole story you'd know he deserves it
  8. Anyway
  9. why don't I look this cute everyday ft brandon
  10. like honestly wtf how did I still look this adorable @ 2 am after working a double, going to 4 different bars, and dancing @ a club for an hour??????