Screenshots I Have On My Phone, Explained

Most of my screenshots are snapchats tbh so here's the one's that aren't
  1. The other night I took a "which gossip girl character are you" quiz and got the freaking queen
  2. I was going through my media on Twitter and these were three separate screencaps I posted but all together it looked like a fantastic convo
  3. I keep sending my friends pictures of my Kendall and Kylie avatar in Paris captioned with 1975 lyrics
  4. This guy was a real winner
  5. I let Holly use my snapchat, this is who she chose to snap
  6. I got drunk and bought tickets to Carly Rae Jepsen. I woke up with this screenshot and no memory of buying them 💸
  7. I was trying to tweet but kept having typos. Holly called me out but I had to delete the tweet so I screenshotted it
  8. My friend Chris posted this on insta and I think it's hilarious so I randomly send it to him every once in a while
  9. Taken in a moment of pride
  10. On one of those "Awards for people in their 20s" things. I was going to send it to Holly but she hasn't earned it yet
  11. This captured my day perfectly so I sent it to all my friends