Things That People Have Said About Me

Sometimes people say really weird things about me and I don't really know if it's good or bad. A list in progress.
  1. I'm "catty and jaded"
    from the bar back at one of my regular spots. Possibly true depending on the day...
  2. "...the blonde who's always happy."
    from a coworkers roommate who was trying to describe me. I am neither blonde nor always happy.
  3. " soulmate"
    from a coworker. Followed by him telling me and his girlfriend that if she ever dies he's going to marry me
  4. "Kenzie's alcoholic best friend"
    from Ken's roommate when he introduced me to his girlfriend
  5. "a bitch but not really a bitch"
    from a friend when I asked if I was mean
  6. "...if I were single we definitely would have had sex at least 7 times by now"
    from a close friend. I'm still very confused
  7. "I can see you working at J Crew"
    from a friend when told I told them I was looking for a new job
  8. " ruined my entire night."
    from the girl standing behind me at a Thomas Rhett show
  9. "You seem really confident and sure of yourself, it's refreshing, most people I see are really nervous"
    from my new boss while interviewing me. I had been nauseous for the past six hours, got there an hour early to hide in the bathroom so I wouldn't be late, and had sweat through my top. I had to refrain from laughing.
  10. "You're such a slut!!!"
    from an old roommate as he went in for a high five after I told him about my weekend.