Today was basically the worst day I've had at work in a long time
  1. hold out on taking your break
    i made it two hrs
  2. take as many smoke breaks as possible
    even though you quit last week. they don't know that.
  3. poop
    even if you don't have to. actually it's better if you don't have to. it'll take longer.
  4. make sure your shoes come untied as often as possible
    retying, washing hands, etc will usually buy you abt 20-40 seconds
  5. stuff as much bacon as you can in your mouth without your boss catching you
    but actually who really cares if they do? if you get fired you can go home.
  6. do as many simple, unnecessary tasks as possible
    take as long as you can to do them. the further they take you away from your boss the better.
  7. drink a lot of water
    no only is it good for you but you will rack up wasted time on this one filling up your cup/bottles and more bathroom breaks too!!
  8. flirt with that coworker you have an irrational crush on
    a lot
  9. roll your eyes
    in response to basically everything. bonus points if it's at your boss.
  10. make a list about it