Words/Phrases I Need To Stop Saying

  1. Honestly/tbh
    I've literally started sentences with honestly and ended them with tbh I.e honestly I say this too much tbh
  2. Lit
    🔥🔥🔥 but also I'm never going to stop saying lit
  3. Babe/Bae/Boo
    in reference to EVERYONE I know
  4. Low key/High key
  5. Any form of "text talk"
    omw, thx, pls, abt, etc, etc, etc. not bad I just use them too much
  6. The other day
    in reference to anything that happened at any point of my whole life
  7. Okay, but...
    usually how you know I'm about to call someone on their shit
  8. Probably loads more tbh