Adult life going up, on a Tuesday!
  1. Woke up, looked at the time, jumped out of bed and yelled, "OH MY GOD, OH MY GOD, OHH MY GOD!!"
    The time was 7:56. I have to be at work by 7:45. I typically get to work before 7:20 by choice. I NEVER sleep through my alarm.
  2. Called the secretary from school to warn her I just woke up and I would be there ASAP
    She giggled. Yes, giggled, but said she would find someone to cover for me in the meantime
  3. Frantically got ready for work
    Hair washing? Nope, bun day it is. Eyeliner? What is this time consuming nonsense. Does what I threw on even match???
  4. Hauled some major booty across town
    Go speed racer go!!!
  5. Made it to work finally!
    Students where concerned while others gave me crap- "hey where's your late slip miss?!" 😐
  6. Went through the rest of the school day as planned
    No lesson plans were harmed during the rest of this school day. Also, big kudos to my kiddos for being good sports about it 👍🏼
  7. Attended leadership meeting after school
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    Second meeting for me this week. As you can tell by this lovely picture that one of my colleagues snapped- I.couldn't.even.
  8. Made dinner
    Hamburger helper's orange chicken stuff is pretty bomb! Although I personally enjoy making the sauce myself. Here's the recipe I like using:
  9. Cleaned the house
    Look at me being domesticated 💁🏼
  10. Worked on my discussion post for my online class
    Have to remind myself that working on my master's now will pay off later
  11. Hung out with the roomie and tots
    Tots as in children. Not tater tots. That would of been nice
  12. Got ready for the next day
    Showered, packed lunch, set multiple alarms
  13. Threw on Empire Strikes Back and got into bed
    Wondered if it was Friday, how nice that leftover bottle of wine would be on Friday. Adulting is tough 😞