A list of thoughts that I can't quite say out loud sometimes
  1. Whyyyyyyy
    As I cry in bed at 5 am
  2. Are you kidding me??
    After a student asks what do we do after I explained something
  3. What the fuck?!?!
    After another student asks what to do
  4. Oh my gosh you stink!!
    I think it's time for the talk on how your body is changing... Nurse where you at?
  5. Gotta pee, gotta pee, gotta peeeee
    As I low key do the pee pee dance around the room
  6. What.the.fuck.
    Yet again, another lost child that can't follow directions
  7. I need more coffee
  8. I need wine. Yes, a bottle after school sounds lovely.
  9. Oh sweet baby Jesus, I made it
    Once 2:25 rolls along