Charlie ... I inherited him when I met the wife. (Shoutout @kokobo). At first, he ignored me. Then I fed him 1 months worth of treats in a week. Now we are best buds.
  1. He loves presents
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    Tearing paper is his favorite hobby.
  2. Charlie loves to sleep in weird positions.
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    Favorite position: head hang side stretch.
  3. He's an outdoors man
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    He also owns a selfie stick. (Just can't operate it because he lacks opposable thumbs. So I use it instead )
  4. Did I mention he is a sleeper?
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  5. When I do laundry, he sits in the middle
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  6. Sometimes he gets dog shamed
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  7. He demands only the best basket and bike while on set
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  8. Half in, half out sleep pose.
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    I have no idea how this is remotely comfortable.
  9. Covers? What covers?
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    He loves to be covered up with blankets.
  10. He loves pillows. The more, the merrier.
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