Target keeps a shopping profile of everyone. This includes my very boring shopping habits. How else do they know I want a coupon to buy dog treats that I just ran out of. Well, I just made a purchase that will totally confuse them.
  1. Rolled gold pretzel sticks.
    The grandfather of all pretzels. What's not to love about them? Salt and carbs delivered in just the right amounts.
  2. Great value bag of eclipse winter frost gum.
    Something to chew on during the day. And, hey, who doesn't need 180 pieces of gum?
  3. Pinesol floor cleaner.
    Gives you that fresh smell when you come home. Also, possible cancer. Not sure though.
  4. Raisinets- dark chocolate.
    A childhood favorite that I hold dear. I've been craving these for a while.
  5. Lays baked ruffled chips - BBQ
    Baked. Ya know, to save on calories. Never mind the artificial BBQ flavoring.
  6. And finally, Clorox disinfecting wipes.
    Because I was just recently made aware of @passengers gaming on Instagram and I am totally freaked out by feet on an airplane now. Hoarf!!!!