Aka; Hey! You in the skirt! Date me. Girls I'd totally be waist-up lesbians with.
  1. Jenna Coleman
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    My wee British princess. If you can resist soufflé girl, you probably don't have a heartbeat. I have two, so...well, you know where I'm goin' with this.
  2. Alison Brie
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    Not only will I raid her sweater collection, I'll steal her adorable smooshy heart as well.
  3. Rose McIver
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    What can I say? I dig an accent, me.
  4. Elizabeth Henstridge
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    Love her like Jammie Dodgers, and I mentioned the whole accent thing, right?
  5. Marilyn Monroe
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    My original girl crush. Don't care how cliche it is, and I'll fight anyone who posthumously slut shames her...to the death. Kirk/Spock style.
  6. Malin Akerman
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    Pretty sure her name is Swedish for adorable af. Plus the road trips would be epic.
  7. Sarah Chalke
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    Canadian, adorkable and we'd look hella cute in matching Chucks!