And no I don't care if they're gender stereotype-y, or whatever.
  1. Princess
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    Also into additions like; Buttercup, Bubblegum. I grew up with Princess Leia, and I liked it, dammit. As far as I'm concerned she's a great female role model (Disney can suck it). Anyone who calls me Princess in a non-pejorative way, is aces in my book.
  2. Cupcake
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    Older Slang. a. a sexually attractive young woman. b. a beloved girl or woman. - To me this nickname is're a tiny, adorable morsel of deliciousness. And I'm so ok with that.
  3. Poppet
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    This perfectly British term of endearment makes my insides all warm and fuzzy. It's like "poppycock" and "scrumpet" all rolled into one. And speaking of scrumpet; to the next item on the list, let's make haste!
  4. Scrumpet
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    This just sounds cute to me. Like a scrumptious crumpet!
  5. (Mon) Petit Chouchou
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    A small cream filled puff pastry. Translated to "my sweet bun." My French is terrible, but I rock this one all the time. Also there is a double meaning (I think) cause of the whole cabbage thing. Either way; it's all "my little darling." The "mon" is masculine, so it's also good for boys!
  6. Monchichi
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    One of the only non-food themed nicknames. If you had one of these as a tot, you totally get what I'm saying.
  7. Chouquette
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    Small Chou bun coated with sugar. If someone is extra sweet, they probably deserve this one.
  8. Kitten
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    Playful, cute, soft...loves balls of yarn. I mean, could this nickname be any more delightful?
  9. Pancake/s
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    Side note; When Winifred Burkle says "I love you like pancakes" to her Dad on Angel the Series, it makes me fall in love with her a little more. Also it really makes me want Red Velvet Pancakes.
  10. Sugar Bear||Bun||Pop
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    At least two of these remind me of breakfast cereal. Anything with "pop," or "bun" in it is win.