Easy Peasy Moosy Squeezy
  1. Sam ain't no speciesist.
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    Sam's an equal opportunity lover. He takes on werewolves, humans and demons alike. Satisfaction, the boy knows how to get 'er done.
  2. He went to hell, lost his soul, but didn't whine about it for 3 frickin seasons.
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    Unlike somebody else we know...oh hi Dean.
  3. Sam's smile is the shit.
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    Dean has the smoulder, but Sammy has the smile. And we all know a good smile is the moose's pyjamas.
  4. He's a geek, but nerds are cool. Simon Pegg even told me so.
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    What can I say...Dean isn't exactly dumb, but Sam's all book smarts and awesomeness.
  5. He's handy and tall af.
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    At a hefty 6'4, Sam (aka Moose) can easily grab Dean the last beer from the top shelf.
  6. Bonus.
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    Hey, you started it.