Saw a few of these and...oh, hello bandwagon.
  1. Elliot Reid
    "I can’t tell if I’m doing the normal amount of hating myself, or if I’m at a slightly higher level of self loathing."
  2. Anna Kendrick's Twitter Bio
    This shit is just on point.
  3. This Texts From Last Night + Cordelia Chase
    This pretty much just speaks to my soul.
  4. Bad Girl Shenanigans
    About as bad ass as I get.
  5. A Vanilla af Ice Cream Cone
    Vanilla as fuck, and kinda ok with it.
  6. This Collection of Very British Tweets
    Plus at least 842 other ones.
  7. Veronica Mars - I mean, I wish but...
    Marshmallows have s'more fun! Wallace to Veronica - "You really think I'm gonna let you get away with that? That might play with the masses, but underneath that angry young woman shell, there's a slightly less angry young woman who's just dying to bake me something. You're a marshmallow, Veronica Mars. A twinkie."
  8. This Thing That I Stole From a Scorpio Collage
    Scorpio + Anger Issues = Sarcasm.
  9. Simon Pegg in Literally Any Movie
    "Do you want anything from the shop?" -- "Cornetto."
  10. The Eleventh Doctor
    If I was going to get a tattoo, somehow, this would be it.
  11. The Look on This Pug's Face
    Just a nice mix of desperation for snackies, desire for love and a hefty dose of ennui. (This is Rosy from - will happily remove pic if requested.)
  12. Peeps Marshmallow Bunny - Half Bitten
    I feel ALL the feelings! My emotions are vivid—practically palpable and I can be moved easily, whether through music, a movie, a book, or simply an interaction on the street.
  13. Milhouse in almost any situation
    Milhouse: My heart makes up for my shortcomings, like Rudy! Robot: Rudy was only put in at the end of a meaningless game. We will notify you if this game becomes meaningless
  14. Sassy Candy Coated Chocolate
    Friend to me along with this picture; "If you were an M&M, this would totally be you." I know the best people.
  15. I Just Love Sweaters, OK?
    And they fit me /exactly/ like this too. That's also the exact look on my face every single day, so much more purrrrfect than resting bitch face too.
  16. Sad Bunny-Cat
    Sad Bunny Cat is sad and requires treats + snuggle reassurances.