Requested by Rob


  1. English Butter Fudge
    This is God's candy. The taste is akin to what I imagine heroine must feel like.
  2. Sour Gummy Berries
    The perfect amount of sour/sweet chewy goodness!
  3. GrapeVines
    If I had a motherfornicating time machine, I'd go right the hell back to the 80s and buy all the ribbon licorice on the entire planet. Until that happens, grape flavored red vines will have to do.
  4. Percy's Pigs
    I love noshing on their squishy, marshmallowy, adorable little pig faces! Wish my local Brit import shop carried these so I wouldn't have to bug me mates for them all the time. <- See what I did there?
  5. Wine Gums
    I know...the actual wine quotient in these bad boys is really low (bah, nonexistent)...but at least I can nosh on these and pretend I'm a super cool drunk on the go!