dear siblings, (in honour of national sibling day)

a list to say thank you to my best friends
  1. thanks for being my team
    even when we fight and get sick of each other
  2. thanks for always being silly
  3. thanks for being my constant sunshine
    especially on my rainier days
  4. thanks for always making me laugh
    and for laughing with me, even when you want to laugh at me
  5. thanks for letting me annoy you
  6. (no really. thanks.)
  7. thanks for always having my back
    and for protecting me from mean boys
  8. thanks for always being willing to go on an adventure
    even if said adventure is simply in our backyard
  9. thanks for following your dreams
    and teaching me that it's okay for me to follow mine too
  10. thanks for being the most intelligent people i know
    and for teaching me new things about the world/myself every day
  11. ALSO thanks for being the sassiest people i know
    because life is much more fun with a little bit of sass
  12. thanks for showing me who the best version of myself is
    and for always inspiring me to be even better than my best
  13. thanks for being so brave
    and for being brave on my behalf when i'm not strong enough
  14. thanks for always being a fun time
    you guys are the coolest people i know
  15. thanks for being my best friends
    I love you guys so much.