1. This is my dad.
  2. He's also my best friend in the whole world.
    Despite the sass in this photo.
  3. But not only is he an incredible father, he's also an incredible person.
  4. My dad is from Iran.
  5. He was six years old when he started selling corn on a street corner.
  6. When he was 18, he was in the war against Iraq because of the draft.
    He has seen things that nobody should ever see.
  7. He joined the revolution against the Shah in 1979, and then again against Ayatollah Khomeini.
  8. Because of his involvement in the revolution, he had to flee the country and came to Sweden when he was in his early twenties.
  9. He had to redo high school because all his school papers had been burnt in the revolution.
  10. He learnt how to speak Swedish in six months and had to (and still has to) struggle with immigrant discrimination.
    As much as Sweden prides itself with being open-minded, racism is everywhere.
  11. When my parents moved in together, they couldn't afford a car, so they bought a bicycle. That's how they got around.
    They also didn't have enough money for food, so they bought rice by the kilogram and cooked rice dishes for months.
  12. He worked from the BOTTOM, for every single thing that he has achieved.
    He worked for Sony for 25 years, and was head over the entire Asia region. He now owns his own company.
  13. He inspires me everyday.
  14. He taught me that laughter is always the best route.
    And there's nobody that can make me laugh like he can.
  15. He taught me that if I think I am being wronged, to fight for my rights with everything I've got.
  16. He taught me to never stop striving to be more knowledgeable. To always educate myself.
    Because knowledge is power.
  17. He taught me to never stop believing in myself, because anything is possible.
    A little poor boy from Iran can achieve all his dreams.
  18. He taught me that there is nothing in this world that is more important than your family.
  19. He has taught me to always, always, always try to be the best person that I can be. Even when the world isn't the best that it can be.
  20. I love him.