1. January 10th
    On an outing with mum.
  2. January 11th.
    From an exhibit of the colonization of Singapore. National Art Gallery.
  3. January 12th.
    Being home meant so many bunny cuddles.
  4. January 14th.
    Calligraphy workshop with mamma. We discovered that we absolutely don't have the patience for this.
  5. January 15th
    Universal Studios, Singapore. A lot of magic.
  6. January 15th.
    My best friends in the whole world.
  7. January 15th.
    Chinese New Year decorations. January 15th was just a good day.
  8. January 17th
    Last night at home before going back to finish my last semester of college.
  9. January 21st.
  10. January 22nd.
    Did a reading of a new play, written by my best friend.
  11. January 24th.
    Went to New York for less than 24 hours to get pictures of my face taken.
  12. February 10th.
    Did a really kooky play inspired by Alfred Hitchcock and Salvador Dali.
  13. February 15th.
    Morning light in my kitchen.
  14. February 17th.
    I was listening to "Printemps" by Coeur de Pirate and was in the best mood.
  15. February 19th.
    ~~ lilac wine is sweet and heady~~
  16. March 1st.
    This honestly just sums me up right now.
  17. March 12th
  18. March 12th.
    All """"""free"""""" time spent in the library
  19. March 19th.
    Loveliest lady.
  20. March 21st.
    Showcase in New York. This is from the after party.
  21. March 22nd.
    "Come From Away" is the single most moving theatre experience I've had in a long time.
  22. March 25th.
    I went on a date today and I'm really happy.
  23. March 28th.
    Last ever voice recital! Love this dear friend.
  24. March 29th.
    I'm really happy. I just want to document this happiness so that if I'm sad later in the year, I look back on this and remember how happy I am.
  25. April 1st.
    This is the coolest little dude in the world. Prince Hal.
  26. April 3rd.
  27. April 4th.
  28. April 8th.
    Last night was dreamy
  29. April 11th.
    New York.
  30. April 11th.
  31. April 11th.
    "...and there's pansies, that's for thoughts" - hamlet
  32. April 11th.
    I don't like New York. At all. It's loud and crowded and overrated and people are rude. But then you take a walk through Central Park and you forget.
  33. April 17th.
    the sweetest
  34. April 22nd.
    This is Ellie. She's wonderful. I've never had a girlfriend before so that's different but she rocks and I'm falling pretty hard for her.
  35. April 22nd.
    Here's another photo of me and my pretty girlfriend.
  36. April 26th.
    We put together a show of our solo performances. UNFINISHED BUSINESS. I love these loons.
  37. April 27th.
    heart eyes
  38. April 28th.
  39. April 29th
  40. April 29th
    Rooftop barbecue!!!!!!! I LOVE FOOD
  41. April 30th.
    miss van am in the am
  42. May 5th.
  43. May 5th.
    I'm so happy.
  44. May 7th.
    She's beautiful.
  45. May 7th.
  46. May 7th.
    Best friend.
  47. April 8th.
    She had a concert and played her original songs and she absolutely took my breath away. There's nothing more special than watching people do what they love and love doing it.
  48. May 13th
  49. May 13th
    Things that are stupid: how much I adore this human
  50. May 14th
    Performed a 10 minute play in a theatre marathon directed by my best friend. She's pretty cool and I love and admire her.
  51. May 14th.
    "Greetings from Fallujah" ~~~~acting~~~~~||
  52. May 14th.
    "Greetings from Fallujah"
  53. May 14th.
    Here's another faux-candid of me and my cute girlfriend.
  54. May 14th.
  55. May 16th
    My best friends had a photo shoot on my rooftop.
  56. May 16th
    Little brother best friend
  57. May 16th
  58. May 18th
    My favourite people left Boston today.
  59. May 21st.
    Things that are stupid: how happy I am. (Things that are also stupid: how much I love this human.)
  60. May 23rd.
    I've lived in the US for 4 years and this was my first baseball game.
  61. May 27th.
    Ordered Thai food, drank wine, and sat on my rooftop. I like summer a lot.
  62. June 5th.
    I had two auditions today and I had fun and that was cool.
  63. June 7th.
    She comes home in two days and everything will be right again.
  64. June 7th.
    Milkshakes by the water with dear friends.
  65. June 7th.
    Sweet friend.
  66. June 10th.
    the most beautiful girl I know ❤💛💚💙💜
  67. June 10th.
    I love her
  68. June 10th
  69. June 18th.
    Home. Sweden.
  70. June 18th.
  71. June 19th.
    my room
  72. June 19th.
    Went to the beach with the puppies.
  73. June 20th.
    Biked the 30 minutes to my driving lesson and back and it was lovely
  74. June 20th
  75. June 20th.
    My dad is so cute I LOVE HIM
  76. June 22nd
  77. June 22nd
    friendly pups and puppy friends
  78. June 22nd
  79. June 23rd.
    my munchkin sister
  80. June 24th
    Sweden thinks its autumn. Nope.
  81. June 25th
    One of these things is unlike the other
  82. June 25th
    mhmm much work many study yes
  83. June 29th.
    chilly so so chilly
  84. July 1st.
    10:30. Sweden in the summer is magical.
  85. July 1st.
  86. July 3rd.
  87. July 3rd.
  88. July 6th.
    This is my favourite spot in the world.
  89. July 8th
  90. July 9th.
    art is SERIOUS
  91. July 9th.
    Went to the Louvre but didn't get a picture of the Mona Lisa so what was the point even?
  92. July 9th.
    Took this from the top of a Ferris wheel. Am very afraid of heights.
  93. July 10th.
    Golden hour at l'arc de triomphe.
  94. July 10th.
    "This looks important." - my best friend as we walk down the Champs Elysees.
  95. July 11th.
    Pretended I was in Amelie.
  96. July 11th.
    Spectacular, SPECTACULAR
  97. July 11th.