spring break photo diary: day 1

I'm in Stockholm visiting my godparents and cousins for a week.
  1. First of all, here is the sun rising over London as I got on my flight.
    I love the sunrise. And I love clouds.
  2. My godparents house is beautiful.
  3. Just so #aesthetic
    @sophiedushko seriously.
  4. My youngest cousin was sick so I stayed home with him when everyone else went to work/school.
    "We're pretty much the same person, except you're old and a girl." - after we'd had a long conversation about how math is our least favourite subject
  5. We went for a long walk past his oldest brother's school. And then for some fika.
    This is a SCHOOL. Can I go back to middle school so I can go there??
  6. This huge field outside their house. I tried to get my cousin to reenact historical battles with me.
    He wasn't as amused as I was.
  7. Despite how sad I look in this, I'm the happiest goober.