ten of my favourite photos in the world

  1. The Singapore skyline.
    My family has lived in Singapore for the past 13 years, so it's home to me. This was my last night there before flying back to Boston.
  2. My bestest friends.
    My siblings are so much cooler than me.
  3. My beautiful parents.
    Wow I love them so much.
  4. Swedish summertime.
    This was at my best friends summer house. We spent the entire time swimming in the lake and picking blueberries. So stereotypically Swedish.
  5. A little stroll.
    Her headband looked like a halo so I documented it.
  6. Lund, Sweden.
    It's the most adorable place you'll ever lay eyes on.
  7. 4am sunrise at Heathrow.
    Airports are the best when it's so early that there's barely anyone there, because most planes haven't taken off/arrived yet.
  8. Camden Market.
    A rainy afternoon adventure.
  9. Rowrah.
    Not entirely sure northern England isn't actually Middle Earth.
  10. Piazza Del Poppolo
    I'm a huge history geek and my dad had promised to take me to Rome for YEARS, and last year, he finally did. It was magical.