from my personal (and awful) experience of loving men who are already loved and spoken for.
  1. when things fall apart, it is never just a single persons fault.
    chances are that everyone in the equation is hurting (as difficult as that is to accept)
  2. nobody can be stolen from you, if they already wanted to leave.
    if someone wants to leave, they will. if someone wants to stay, they will.
  3. just because someone is the villain in your story, doesn't necessarily make them a bad person.
    we are human, and we make mistakes.
  4. it is easier to believe that someone is a liar, than to believe that they are telling the truth.
  5. sometimes there are more than one truths. sometimes these truths contradict.
    much like your heart and your head may sometimes contradict.
  6. the way you handle yourself when you are upset is most telling of your character.
  7. holding on to something that has already ended will only hurt you.
  8. just because you don't believe that someone is hurting, doesn't mean that they aren't.
  9. just because you don't believe that you have hurt someone, doesn't mean that you haven't.
  10. you will survive this.