i've got Chingo Dreams......will add when i can......
  1. i just missed a sold out viewing of the new movie called Your Watch Smells Funny starring Julia Stiles and Nipsey Russell. they had popcorn but it was made exactly to replicate packing peanuts. you could pay for your own cubicle type seat, with individual surround sound and a Shenis, or PeePee tube so you could piss without leaving the show.
  2. after year's of research, i find out the famous Glaive from Krull is real. i search every flea market, trailer park, and bodega, and track it down to a homeless man that lives behind a Circle K in Boise. after answering a barrage of questions mostly centered around the movies The Wraith, Ice Pirates, and Gymkata----i get the Glaive.
  3. -----i can only use it once though. ever. then i must be the guardian for the next person that finds me. it never leaves me. eff words. i should go look for Mogwais now.
  4. i had a dream that i was making a super low budget film entitled BLOOD FEAST. No CGI and i just just signed Julia Stiles, and Nipsey Russell-----short dream---had to pee. eff words!