this album (start to finish) is one of the best paced love sessions on wax. strong pace, tempo shifts.
  1. Let's Go Crazy--- you've got a partner that wants to hear it. 'Have you seen the movie? Morris Day is in it too? small talk. excitement. 1st glass of wine gets poured
  2. Take Me With You--- you've both sat down. (maybe a little closer?) 'is this a duet?' 'who is he singing with?' 'do you think Appelonia is still around?'
  3. The Beautiful Ones--- the 1st slow jam. 2nd Glass of wine poured. less talk about the movie. closing the distance. maybe your hands touches hers. 'wow, this song is pretty sensual, right?' *first kiss* first base. you can hear Prince say, 'Would that be cool?, 'What's it gonna be?' 'CUZ I WANT YOU!!!' (love screaming noises)