obviously, i need more adventurous, or younger, friends.
  1. Post-Apocalyptic-- a liquor/beer/green sherbet concoction called Soylent Green. a burning tire in the yard. hella shoulder pads. how do i dress up as Sky Net proper?
  2. Gathering of the Juggalos----Faygo, and some crushed smarties that i can pawn off as K2-Pink. face paint and tears. maybe a sponsorship by JNCO jeans and British Knights
  3. Beat Street---- 4 different breakdance crews. 4 different colors---you draw a random team 3 weeks before the party to coordinate B-Boy style and to learn how to breakdance battle. middle of the party. clear the floor. it's on. ***make sure no one invited actually knows how to breakdance
  4. Awkward Phase party--- you choose your own awkward phase- try to keep those years under a decade minimum for fashion purposes. i'll come in a peachfuzz mexi-stache, a jean jacket with a Sharpie Skull design and the rocker 'Preps SUCK. stoners Rule'. first person to publically anxiety-vomit, or find a soulmate wins.