Ideas to help businesses in the travel industry
  1. Automated picture taking spots
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    Stand in one place and it automatically takes pictures when it senses motion
  2. Easy supply chain for top of lookout Cafe
  3. List of great views in cafes
  4. Cafe with open table listing billboard at entrance of picture spot
  5. Automated picture sharing as you're walking around
  6. Exploring RFID tag to track where you've been as you're wandering
  7. A collectible like a stamp book that's connected to your phone
    Like an iPhone app for travel. "where I've been"
  8. Unique souvenirs that are web connected, like showing a picture of yourself in a koala picture holder
  9. Cafe design company for lookouts
    Specialization for views and experience. Make it so people will make the trek, a la Michelin Star for lookout points
  10. Mutual experience App
    Video chat connecting people between two points. Example: always connected video feed between Brisbane and Taiwan since they are sister cities