Current number of friends: 2. Number of friends to make it a party: More than that. We're recruiting.
  1. Michael Scott Party
    Everyone dresses up as their favorite version of Michael Scott. I call Michael Scarn
  2. Communism Party
    Pick your favorite Soviet
  3. "Can you read my mind?"
    Pick a date but never specify a location. See if you all show up at the same place. Don't specify time for added challenge.
  4. Potato party
    Just eat potatoes. Cooked in every form. Living the dream.
  5. Crab party! Like a carb party but less bread salad and more crab cakes. The only type of party at which crabbiness is welcome, as long as its crabbiness in the sense that you're dressed as a crab and not just bein a bitch
    Suggested by @thekid