For no other reason than because I'm a fool.
  1. I don't like my birth name, and it makes me uncomfortable to be called by it, so please all of y'all know me as Idolhands or Berry.
    Have an unflattering picture of me with a Game of Thrones mug that describes my life. The rest of the mug says 'and wine'.
  2. I'm in my early late twenties.
    To quote Hedwig Robinson. Until August, when I will be in my late late twenties. Sad face.
  3. I am a big fat lesbian.
    Took me a decade to figure this out because I still find men aesthetically attractive and enjoy writing m/m smut. But yeah, I like the pussy. 🐱
  4. I am madly in love.
    With a wonderful and beautiful trans lady named Debbie. She is the best thing in my life and I adore her with everything I am. 💖
  5. I have the best family ever.
    My brother is twenty-five and has a rare form of leukaemia. He's often a total idiot but I love him. My sister is the wise counsel and has two beautiful children and she is wonderful. My mum and dad are like Mr & Mrs Weasley but better. 💜
  6. Total nerd.
    About everything. Star Wars, Spring Awakening, Orange is the New Black - to name a fraction. And of course, the stalwarts of Harry Potter and Lord of the Rings. I am in Slytherin and very proud of it.
  7. The Beatles.
    I like all the music but The Beatles shaped who I am. My favourite is George, and I have two Beatles tattoos.
  8. I am a writer.
    This is serious business. I have a whole bunch of original characters and I basically act like P.L. Travers about them. "You don't know what they mean to me!" etc. So mostly I write fanfiction of the slashy, smutty variety.
  9. Other things I am a bit good at...
    Scribbling (mostly lettering and zentangle things), singing (vocal range D3 - D5), sleeping, being annoying.
  10. I think this app is going to be very addictive and very therapeutic.