Thoughts I've Had Today While Sick in Bed 😔

I'm mentally exhausted and I think I got sunstroke yesterday. So I'm in bed watching movies and drinking lots of water.
  1. I love Saving Mr Banks.
    Especially when the Sherman brothers hide the sheet music for Supercalifragilisticexpialidocious. (Probably spelt that wrong.) And when Travers puts the Mickey toy down in the corner like a naughty kid.
  2. The movies on Amazon Prime are either really good or nobody's ever heard of them.
    Like we've got Legend and The Conjuring and then some random movie with a pink poster with a gun on it that's apparently called 'Cum For Live'?!
  3. The Conjuring is actually quite boring.
    Sinister is the only horror movie that has impressed me in about eight years. And Mama was okay too up until the reveal and then it wasn't remotely frightening.
  4. I'm probably going to have to go to a meeting for being off work.
    I get sick a lot, mostly to do with mental health, but last time I was off work they said I'd have to go to a meeting anyway so whatever, right? It's better than breaking down at work which I have done before and that doesn't help anyone.
  5. I read a bunch of old fanfic yesterday that I wrote when I was 13 or so.
    Some of it was absolutely fucking terrible. But some of it was surprisingly not. And some of it is still getting nice reviews after a more than a decade.
  6. This is a really great app.
    It's like Twitter but better and I kind of feel like I'm shouting into the void but it helps. I hope it works on my very old iPad mini.
  7. I really want a new iPad mini.
    I've been spoiled by getting an iPhone SE. Everything is up to date and works so fast. I would really like the same on an iPad. And an iPad keyboard. Laptops are outdated. XD
    Yay. 😖