Keys to •happiness•

I'm still learning. But I have learned a lot.
  2. Understand YOU have to WORK
    Sometimes that includes more hours, an extra step, or an extra shift.
  3. No one will give it to you.
    YOU have to WORK for it.
  4. Do what's best for you at all times.
    Of course we need to think of others too. But we are living our own life and need to do what we need to do.
  5. Give 110% at every task.
  6. Save money.
    You don't NEED to go out to eat for one meal that's $12 when you can buy food for three days at the same price.
  7. Ask for help.
    There are many others like me who want to see you succeed. Just ask.
  8. You are your own competition.
    Once again, it's your life. Don't live it for others. Work hard in silence and let your success speak for itself.
  9. Stay outside of your comfort zone.
    That's where you'll grow the most.
  10. Make time for your family and friends.
    I've learned this the hard way. Being told "you work all the time!" Sucks. Especially when it's at the expense of cancelling plans because you yet again have to work another shift.
  11. It's okay to say "no".
  12. If you aren't happy then change what you aren't happy about so you can be happy again.
  13. Change is your best friend.
    Introduce yourself to change and take it by the hand. Nothing is set in stone. Enjoy yourself.