1. Scream "No no please, I don't want to die."
  2. Try really hard to keep living.
  3. Take all the money out of your wallet and hold it up yelling "Hey God, I've got $72 here for you if you let me not die."
  4. Gotta try fresh cheese curds!
  5. Try to put as much blood as you can back into your body.
  6. Tell your wife you love her, or if you're a woman, blow a kiss to a mailbox.
  7. Even if you aren't a Packers fan you've gotta visit Lambeau Field.
  8. Try your hardest to crawl across the Minnesota border before you take your final breath.
  9. Try to crawl into a manhole just so it's a total pain in the ass to recover your body.
  10. Gotta try a bratwurst boiled in beer and smothered with sauerkraut