1. Fried chicken
    Greasy chicken fingers on subway poles... Think about it.
  2. Baked potato
    To the unassuming bystander it looks like you are taking bites out of a raw potato.
  3. A whole kiwi
    Skin on.
  4. Deli meat
    Watching someone fail trying to retrieve a whole piece of smoked turkey breast from a plastic vacuumed sealed bag is just painful.
  5. Meatball sub
    This can not end well. There's just no way.
  6. Streetcart chicken and rice
    To be eaten on the street or at your desk... but nowhere in between.
  7. Whole tomatoes
    These may technically be fruit, but should not be treated as fruit, nor eaten in big bites the same as fruit.
  8. To be continued...